Steve Dornbos' Civil War Ancestors
Here's some info on ancestors on the Edmond (maternal grandfather's) side of my family who served in the Civil War. Click on their names for excerpts or images from their Civil War Pension Application Files and/or Military Service Records (if available):

Joshua Ingalls (2 Jan 1839 - 28 Nov 1929)- Great great grandfather.  Description: 5'5", light hair, blue eyes, and light complexion. Occupation: Farmer.  Company A, 149th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment “2nd Bucktails".  Enlisted as Private in Wellsboro, PA on 8 August 1862 at age 23.  Mustered in at Harrisburg, PA on 21 August 1862.  Was paid a $25 bounty upon mustering in. Absent sick in Windmill Point General Hospital in Windmill Point, VA in May-June 1863.  Absent sick in West Building General Hospital in Baltimore, MD in July-August 1863.  Missed Battle of Gettysburg while absent sick.  Wounded (GSW through right chest; bullet entered about 2" above right nipple and exited at base of right shoulder blade) on 23 May 1864 at North Anna River, VA.  Recalled spending the night wounded on the battlefield.  The next day, he was approached by a surgeon who decided to leave him there for dead due to the severity of his wound.  Upon hearing this, Joshua said to the doctor, “I’ll outlive you, Old Man!”   The surgeon relented, and Joshua did indeed outlive him.  Transferred from a Field Hospital to Finley General Hospital in Washington, DC on 29 May 1864.  Admitted to Third Division General Hospital in Alexandria, VA on 20 July 1864.  Treated with a simple water dressing while at Third Division General Hospital.  Remembered pulling a large piece of his uniform out of his exit would while in the hospital. Furloughed from Third Division General Hospital 27 July to 27 August 1864.  Charged $11.20 for transportation home and back during his furlough.  Admitted to Sickel General Hospital in Alexandria, VA on 2 May 1865.  Discharged from Sickel General Hospital as Private on 5 June 1865.  His wound made farm labor difficult the rest of his life. Moved with family to Branch, Marion County, KS in 1873.  Moved with family back to Covington, Tioga County, PA in 1880.  Was a member of G.A.R. Post #48, Mansfield, PA. Died of septic infection at age 90.  Buried in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield, Tioga County, PA. (War stories told to my grandfather, Frank Edmond, who passed them down.)

Elihu Ingalls (20 Dec 1844 - 20 Mar 1913)- Great great granduncle.  Description: 5’91/2”, light hair, black eyes, and light complexion.  Occupation: Farmer, Preacher.  Company A, 149th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment “2nd Bucktails”.  Enlisted as Private in Wellsboro, PA on 8 August 1862 at age 17.  Mustered in at Harrisburg, PA on 21 August 1862.  Was paid $25 bounty upon mustering in.  Participated in Battle of Gettysburg.  Wounded (GSW in lower right leg) on 10 May 1864 at Spotsylvania, VA.  Bullet passed through right calf, fracturing fibula, during charge on Laurel Hill, VA.  His leg was not amputated, but gangrene developed in the hospital.  Discharged from White Hall General Hospital due to disability as Private on 24 May 1865.  His right leg remained lame the rest of his life.  He could never thereafter put his foot down flat on the ground.  He died of heart disease at age 68.  Buried in Cherry Flats Cemetery, Cherry Flats, Tioga County, PA.

Alvin Harrison Ingalls (11 Sep 1840 - 13 Dec 1927)- Great great granduncle.  Description: 5’6”, brown hair, hazel eyes, and dark complexion.  Occupation: Farmer.  Company F, 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment. Enlisted as Private in Troy, PA on 24 August 1861 at age 20.  Mustered in at Philadelphia, PA on 27 August 1861.  Assigned to extra duty as nurse (a cook) in hospital near Fortress Monroe, VA on 20 December 1861.  Transferred to regular duty in Company in March-April 1862.  Sent to Fortress Monroe, VA due to sickness on 20 June 1862.  Returned to regular duty by end of August 1862.  Promoted to Corporal on 1 September 1862.  Wounded (GSW in right hip) and captured on 9 June 1864 at Jerusalem Plank Road, Petersburg, VA during charge on enemy breastworks in “Battle of Old Men and Young Boys”.  POW, confined in “Yankee Hospital” in Petersburg, VA starting 9 June 1864, transferred to Libby Prison in Richmond, VA on 8 July 1864.  Hospitalized at age 23 in Richmond, VA on 13 July 1864, instead of being sent to Andersonville Prison.  Paroled at Aikens Landing, VA on 22 August 1864.  Reported to Camp Parole, Annapolis, MD on 24 August 1864.  Sent to Philadelphia, PA on 30 September 1864.  Discharged as Corporal on 8 October 1864.  His wound remained open for 4-6 months following discharge.  Was a member of G.A.R. Post #48, Mansfield, PA. He died of old age/senility at age 87.  Buried in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield, Tioga County, PA.

Jeremiah Ingalls (19 Jun 1846 - 6 May 1926)- Great great granduncle.  Description: 5’10”, brown hair, gray eyes, and fair complexion.  Occupation: Farmer.  Company F, 79th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted at age 18 years and 10 months in Williamsport, PA as a Private (substitute for Thomas A. Robinson of Covington, Tioga, PA) on 7 March 1865.  Present during advance on and occupation of Raleigh, NC, 9-14 April, Bennett's House, 26 April, the surrender of Johnston’s Army and march to Washington, DC (via Richmond, VA), 29 April-20 May, and the Grand Review on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC 24 May 1865.  Discharged with Company as Private on 12 July 1865 in Washington, DC (near Alexandria, VA).  Charged $6 upon discharge for his Springfield rifle and accoutrements.  Settled in Red Oak, Montgomery, IA after the war.  Was a G.A.R. member. Buried in Red Oak Junction Cemetery, Red Oak, Montgomery County, IA.

Electrus Ingalls (1 May 1848 - 6 Nov 1930)- Great great granduncle.  Description: 5’51/2”, brown hair, gray eyes, and fair complexion.  Occupation: Farmer.  Company G, 97th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted at age 16 years and 10 months (he lied on form to meet the enlistment age of 18) in Williamsport, PA as a Private (substitute for J.W. Elliott of Charleston, Tioga, PA) on 1 March 1865.  Assigned to Company G in NC on 29 March 1865.  Participated in advance on and occupation of Raleigh, NC 9-14 April 1865.  Hospitalized in Raleigh, NC due to sickness on 22 April 1865.  Discharged as Private in Portsmouth Grove, RI on 8 July 1865.  Had in his possession 1 knapsack, 1 haversack, 1 canteen, and 2 G.O. straps at time of discharge. Died at age 82 in Olean, Cattaraugus County, NY.

Parmenas Culver (1831/32 - 3 Jul 1862)- Great great great grandfather (father of Joshua Ingalls’ wife, Alice Maria Culver).  Description: 5’9”, brown hair, blue eyes, and light complexion.  Occupation: Farmer.  Company D, 57th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted as Private on 4 December 1861 at age 31.  Involved in skirmish at Peach Orchard near Yorktown, VA on 11 April 1862.  Involved in Battle of Williamsburg, VA on 5 May 1862.  Wounded (GSW in hip) at Seven Pines, VA on 31 May 1862.  Admitted to DeCamp General Hospital, David’s Island, NY on 23 June 1862.  Died of wounds on 3 July 1862.  Following his death, hospital sent Parmenas’ pocketbook containing 56 cents home to his widow Anne Elvira Culver.  Buried in Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Section 1F, Plot #128, Brooklyn, Kings County, NY.

Vihemas S. Culver (22 August 1836 – 14 June 1923)- Great great great granduncle.  Description: 5’81/4”, blonde hair, blue eyes, and light complexion.  Occupation: Blacksmith, Carpenter.  Company G, 45th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted as Corporal in Charleston, PA on 26 September 1861 at age 25.  Mustered into service in Harrisburg, PA on 14 October 1861.  Reduced to Private at Otter Island, SC on 1 July 1862.  Became Musician (bugler) in March-April 1863.  Detailed as Hospital Nurse on 1 December 1863 in Knoxville, TN.  On detached duty as Musician with Company G, 79th New York Infantry Regiment from 16 January 1864 to 9 April 1864.  Returned to service with 45th Pennsylvania as Private on 9 April 1864.  Wounded (GSW in upper right arm) on 6 May 1864 in Battle of Wilderness, VA.  A piece of bone was extricated from the wound.  Sent to Harewood USA General Hospital (Ward 28) in Washington, DC on 12 May 1864.  Mustered out as Private on October 20, 1864 while at home on furlough.  Was a member of Union Veteran Legion, Encampment #105, Wellsboro, PA. Died of senility at age 86.  Buried in Wellsboro Cemetery, Wellsboro, Tioga County, PA.

Abram Day Graves (1 Jun 1834 – 5 Dec 1908)- Great great great granduncle (brother of Parmenas Culver’s wife, Ann Elvira Graves).  Occupation: Stone Mason.  Company I, 83rd Illinois Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted as a Private on 21 August 1862 at age 28 while residing in Abingdon, Knox, IL.  Enlisted in Company I, 83rd Infantry Regiment Illinois in Monmouth, IL on 23 August 1862.  On daily detached duty at Siege Gun as of 31 Dec 1862.  Treated for acute dysentery 1 & 2 Nov 1864.  On medical furlough 2 Nov 1864 to 19 Nov 1864.  On daily detached duty as Carpenter in Block House as of 28 Feb 1865.  Detached service for railroad defense as of 30 Apr 1865.  Regiment was on garrison duty in Tennessee (Forts Donelson and Henry, as well as Nashville) throughout the war.   Helped protect Sherman’s supply and communication lines during the Atlanta Campaign in 1864.  Mustered out as a Private on 26 June 1865 in Nashville, TN.  Settled in Hannibal, Marion, MO after the war.  Died of heart disease and senility at age 74 while living in the Soldier’s Home in Quincy, Adams County, IL.

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