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(The photo on the right was taken in a classroom at the School of Library Service on the 6th floor of Butler Library at Columbia University. I think it must have been about 1988 or so. Notice the actual school bell on the wall behind me.)




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Domain Analysis for KO is my attempt to set out the rationale for continued domain analysis in the science of knowledge organization. It includes an exhaustive synthesis of the papers using domain analytic methods in KO since Hjørland called us to do so. It also gives steps for analytical techniques used in my own research. Chandos-Elsevier, 2015.

Ontology for KO is the second anthology produced by the UWM KOrg "Knowledge Organization Research Group." Our first book, Cultural Frames of Knowledge, focused on epistemology. The other cornerstone of KO is ontology. Together these two anthologies present state of the art essays on the pillars (ok, mixing metaphors there--cornerstones/pillars ....) of the science of knowledge organization. Like our first book, this collection contains essays from our group members as well as from visiting scholars who have spent time with us at KOrg. Ergon-Verlag, 2015.

The book was published without an index; an index is available here.

Elements of KO also was conceived and drafted during my time at Amsterdam's eHumanities Group and The Virtual Knowledge Studio. I wrote a set of short essays introducing KO, and then used them for several years as learning modules for doctoral students coming into information from different disciplines. My plan had been to extend each chapter with an exhaustive synthesis of KO literature from proceedings and the journal. But several former students urged me (and Springer) to make the essays available so they could teach with them. It is my basic approach to KO as a science and a subdomain of information, and like information, also a metadomain. Springer 2014. Cultural Synergy is an idea I arrived at during my time working at Amsterdam's eHumanities Group and its predecessor, The Virtual Knowledge Studio. The idea is that information is a catalyst for a kind of synergy in which cultures can add up to more than their individual parts collectively. We've always thought of information institutions as big buildings with stuff in them, but it's time to realize that cultural synergy has brought us information institutions of new kinds, ranging from Facebook to WebDewey. Springer, 2014

Looking for Describing Music Materials 3rd edition? Click on the title. DMM4 is coming soon.

Knowledge Organization


I am Editor-in-Chief of the journal Knowledge Organization, the journal of the International Society for Knowledge Organization. KO, which is published eight times a year by Ergon Verlag, is devoted to concept theory, classification, indexing, and knowledge representation. Check here for more information about the journal or here for instructions for submitting a manuscript.

The journal is indexed by Scopus and Web of Science. The journal and all ISKO proceedings are available online to ISKO members The journal's content from 2008 onward is available in full text in LISTA Full Text (EBSCOHost).