Steve Meyer

Emeritus Professor of History

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee



  • B.A., State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1967
  • MA, Rutgers University, 1973
  • Ph.D, Rutgers University, 1977

Teaching Areas:

  • American Social, Labor, and Cultural History

Research Areas:

Classes Taught at UWM:

Recent and Major Publications:

Recent Papers:

  • Keynote Address, “The Legacy of the Model T: ‘Modern Times’ and the New World of Work,1908-1945” presented at Automobility: A Conference on the 100th Anniversary of the Model T at the Hagley Library Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society in Wilmington DE, November 2008.

  • “Muscular Manhood: The Union Organization of the Ford River Rouge Plant, 1930-1945" presented at European Social Science History Association Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, February 2008 and at the Social Science History Association in Miami, FL, October 2008.

  • “‘She-town’: Mechanization, Unemployment, and Male Auto-worker Fears of Female Coworkers, 1920s-1930s,” Labouring Feminism II Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, August 2008.

  • “Sex and the Motor City: The Bachelor Culture of Migrant and Immigrant Auto Workers, 1900-1980" significant revision of Newberry paper presented at North American Labor History Conference at Wayne State University in Detroit in October 2007.

  • "The Degradation of Work Revisited: Auto Work from the 1910s through 1960s," presented at The Car in History Conference, University of Toronto, May 2005.

  • "Gendered Terrain: Male and Female Space on the Automotive Shop Floor, 1920-1950" presented at Tamiment Seminar on Labor and Social History, New York University, March 2005.

  • "Sex and the Motor City: The Batchelor Culture of Detroit Auto Workers from the 1910s to the 1930s" at the Newberry Library Labor History Seminar in December 2004.

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Awards, Honors, and Fellowships:

Steve Meyer, 05-Oct-2012