I study American Political Institutions, elections, congress, and computational political economy.

After completing my Ph.D. at Duke University in the summer of 2006 I moved to Milwaukee's East Side. I like the Milwaukee brews, but not the Milwaukee Brewers. I like the baseball in Boston.

Baseball, Politics, Music, Food. In no particular order.

My research and my life run on Mac OS X.

Most of the time I am thinking about complexity in politics. Often it is within the context of the the adaptive parties model and sometimes you'll find me investigating the empirical implications of that model for congressional elections with Michael Ensley and Scott de Marchi. Other times I might be using a computational model of the Colonel Blotto Game (sometimes with Jenn Merolla and Michael Munger). But right now, I'm probably working on a study of social networks in Congress with Brendan Nyhan.

Or I might be walking or jogging around the East Side. One of those things.

You may enjoy some of my pictures of politics.