University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Current Projects

The Collaborative Intelligent Health Information Systems Initiative (CIHISI).

In 2006, funding was secured from the National Science Foundation through their Partnerships for Innovation initiative. This interdisciplinary team represents scientists from CON, CEAS, LSB, and CHS. The project has focused on the enabling of team science and has enabled young and seasoned faculty researchers to develop a common understanding of  1) their respective sciences,  2) the health care system and practice problems that need to be addressed and 3) how an integrated science approach accelerates solutions.  The first joint research proposal to develop a heuristic search engine to facilitate provider access to data stored in both knowledge and data repositories (translating the language of research into the language of practice) is underway.  Knowledge representation and management frameworks and natural language assessment are a focus for the team. 


The Early Childhood Integrated Database System, (ECIDS) project is designed to enhance delivery of early intervention services for children with disabilities and their families in Milwaukee County by supporting improved information sharing among service providers and parents.



This project will focus on two, closely related HIT applications – the EHR and

electronic decision support systems (DSS) use by nurses. This project will utilize advances in HIT and evidence-based nursing to develop, test, and disseminate findings about how new DSS tools can be used to support nurses to improve care planning and quality improvement efforts related to fall and fall-related injury prevention in acute care. The project team will review the science and collaborate with fall prevention, HIT, DSS, and cost/benefit experts and end-users to conduct baseline assessments, prepare training materials, implement the DSS, and evaluate the impact and track cost and financial benefits of a nursing decision support tool. One new DSS tool will be designed to extract selected evidence-based patient and nursing care data from the

EHR data repository and present a report to the nurse at a key time in their work process to support them to evaluate and adjust the plan of care for individual and/or groups of patients. A second DSS tool will be created to support unit-based nurse leaders, including clinical nurse specialists and nurse managers), to utilize similar or related data for quality improvement. Findings will be analyzed and disseminated with lessons learned to professional nursing and IT organizations. The data dictionary (DSS content), support tools, findings, and lessons learned will be posted on a publically accessible website to contribute to the available knowledge of improvements in patient safety and quality of HIT–supported nursing care and help systems reduce electronic DSS development and implementation costs. It will also serve as a prototype for future development.