four environments
anamorphic video projections on planetarium dome
    Urban Day
       cathode ray tube projections
Urban Night
  magic lantern filmstrips 
   Rural Day
                    Spitz Star projector 
   Rural Night

“There is no beginning or end to the experience, it just is. There is no direct correlation between pictures and sounds, no payoff, because the installation creates an envelope of experience, an immersion into one significant and under-appreciated aspect of place. Sound is with us, night and day. The installation doesn't re-create the aural experience of a place, it creates something bigger out of the constituent parts. The experience of sound is intensified in In thin Air to increase its potential for revelation. And that's one of the things art is supposed to do: get us to see (and hear) what we've been missing.” - Nathan Guequierre, Shepherd Express. *

Software: Microsoft Office
In thin Air
Sound and light installation by Rob Danielson
Manfred Olson Planetarium- University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
March 2003