Rob Danielson
ITAdlerDemo4HdPhones InTHinAir-Cover
~S1 17 minute audio collage curated by Scott Sherk for Giant Ear, 2009
~i surround sound & light installation olson planetarium milwaukee, wisconsin 2003
~sv recordings by hempton, peet, michael, dickinson, o'drobinak, gaudynski, czarnecki, time, redman, danielson 60 m.
~b -questions & discussion abt audio tests, field recordings & post techniques
~rco 14 min. Stereo/Surround recording from annual gathering of sound recordists near Grantsburg, Wisconsin
~1K A comparison of portable stereo recorders in terms of low-noise performance for recording ambience in quiet locations
~bm boundary mic experiments towards improved spatial imaging for diffuse field recording [blog]
~b16 25 min Stereo/Surround. rich, river bottom acoustics, amphibians, thunder, whitetail deer near La Farge, Wisconsin
~tr Tom Robinson compares high gain performance of a Sony Hi-MD, Marantz PMD-661 and Olympus LS-10 using very low-noise mics
~cap available mic capsules, comparison tests, DIY stereo arrays, ordering info.
~kb Take a shot at distinguishig high gain performance differences.
~ol A tricky mic pre comparison test is evaluated and generalizations reached.
MicSpecs-Cover DIY-electret-mics-mountsCov
~rl Current recorders with specs and features including mic input noise measurements for some.
~ss saves time in comparing manuf mic spcs - as xls spreadsheet or html
~ss QuickTime format samples ready to play in your browser.
~Hi tips for using of surprisingly low-noise consumer recorder for recording in quiet locations
~nt-4p instructions for by-passing the attenuation pad in the1/8"->XLR Rode supplied cable for the NT-4.
nt-4s inexpensive shock-mount and zeppelin for rode NT-4 mic
~10ah designed for use with sound devices 722 and 744T recorders
~H4 Test Comparing SD 722; Art Phantom II ->nh700 Hi-MD ; Samson H4 Zoom Recorder here^^^^^
PortPhantomHiMDReprtv01SorIMA SD722_Rolls>HiMD_D7_MD_TRV RollsPB224->HiMDMicPreIMA RollsPB224->HiMDMicPreAIF

~phants early test between Rolls & Art Phantom II power supplies. shows physical layout for tests.

~md+mp2 mic pres in D7, Sharp MD or Sony camcorder compared to HiMD's. Sound Devices MP-2 external mic pre compared
~hi compares 722; Rolls>722; MP-2>722; Rolls>HiMD; Shure 183's>HiMD;Rode NT-4>HiMD
~hi2 same test with aif 48K/16 bit uncompressed soundtrack
MicPreClarity125-700HzTest WR-183_WM-61A_NT-4^ TransMic&PreTestsSor3_01
~lomids exaggerated response 125-700 Hz tested in very quiet location with NT1-A's
~loscale a comparative listening study of low-scale 16 and 24 bit recordings and amplitude quantization noise.
~pipmics test comparing Shure WL-183's, Panasonic WM-61A's & Rode NT-4 mics on HiMD.
~hinoisemics adds Sony ECM-MS957 & Marshall VM63BP mics and FEL 3.5 "booster" to the previous test
Mid2LowNoiseMics&PreCompare Shure183-Cover VSB-cover
~midnoisemics compares MBHO and Sennhesier mics with 12-16dBA self-noise with NT1-A's on two Sound Devices external mic pres and recording to HiMD. ~wl accounts of this little-known lavaliere mic including sound samples.
~v surround sound installtion madison, wisconsin 2005
~BoundMic field audio class blog with tests of boundary mics and stereo localization performance at the Pieper barn and elsewhere.
QuadPacConstruction_Cover NT1-A_Cover
~vlc open source, freestanding, video player for mac & pc. for pc users who dislike QT becoming the default movie player. ~qp useful for visualizing how to make your own shock-mounts. ~4a M-S, Binaural, Wedge & Sphere Mic Arrays Localization & Depth Traits ~nt1-a adaptations with this extremely low self-noise mic in the field.
ITAdlerDemo4HdPhones Rode&SennMSCompareIMA MicroTrack_NH900_722Comp2_IMA4 DIY_ShockZep_4_NT1A_ORTF
~a excerpts from surround sound & video installation in "sky rider" theatre, adler planetarium chicago 2004 ~rm-s compares mid-side stereo imaging between Rode NT1-A/2A & Sennhesier MKH40/30
~m1 high gain digitral audio recorder-mic preamp comparison test. Rode NT1-A mics -> Sound Devices 722; MicroTracker; Sony Hi-MD
~sm DIY shock-mounts & zeppelins for heavier, vertical, mics like Rode NT1-A's









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