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The QuickTime movie may need a few minutes to load before it starts playing. Play unembedded. Download movie [56mb] .zip

25 minutes, 4 channel surround and stereo

Recorded beside a small pond populated with four species of amphibians. I edited the 24 hour recording to 25 minutes taking advantage of pauses in their singlng to explore lesser known splashing, sputtering and semi-submerged vocalizations. All of the excerpts are in original sequence; no layering other than cross-fades was used.

The 120' X 80' run-off pond is adjacent to mature maple, hickory and willow trees in bottomland of the Kickapoo River. The rear stereo microphone pair is on the edge of the pond and the front stereo pair is 60 feet away under a 70' high tree canopy. The front mic is directed away from the pond towards a steep rock bluff 300' away front that refelects distant sounds. Species include Green Frog, Gray's Tree Frog, Spring Peeper, American Toad, Barred Owl, Veery, Phoebe, White Tail Deer, Orioles and Oven Birds. A thunderstorm passes a few miles away and Whitetail deer express concern about the recording equipment and scent I left behind. More on micing array.



Localization Test

Four Channel Quicktime .mov [1mb] download .zip

Stereo mix .mp3 [1mb]


This is a site-specific, "localization" performance test of the wide-spaced array. I started at center position 75 feet in front of the the array and moved in a counter-clockwise direction stopping in 18 positions to clap my hands.

As with many natural locations, sound paths change dramatically from position to position because of vegetation, obstacles like tree trunks and land/water forms. For example, sound from clap positions 2-6 seems to be reflecting from trees and bushes on the far right and reaching the right rear mic at a higher level than the direct sound reaching the left rear mic. Reflections from water come into play in the last clap position by directing more of the sound into the tree canopy.

No changes were made in the recording other than overall balance for left/right and front/rear. The rear channels are lowered -3dB in the stereo version with no changes made to phase.