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14 minutes, 4 channel surround & stereo

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Eight sound recordists from New York State, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin met at Crex Meadows Wildlife Area in Northwestern Wisconsin during the first weekend in May to share field practices.

The 30,000 acres of wetlands, brush praries and forects was bustling with nesting and migratory birds, deer, foxes and wolves. (Some of Steve Russell and Paul Gaudynski's photographs are included below). Unfortunately, the daylight hours presented perioidic rain and wind averaging 15-20 mph. On the first night, the area was encircled by towering storm cells featuring dramatic lightning displays. We set-up a surround rig in a protected bluff along the St Crox River that night but the constant roar of the wind in the overstory stole the show.

By the second night, most of the storm system had passed and by dusk the wind dropped to a workable average velocity of around 5 mph. Three recordists set-out recorders on a small island on the Upper North Fork Flowage tucking their rigs on the lee side of some small trees. View Map North Fork Flowage - Crex Meadows Wildlife Area . The area housed 3-5 Trumpet Swan nests, at least one Sandhill Crane nest, a larger number of Canadian geese pairs and a wolf pack with 4-6 individuals. Amphibians included Spring Peepers, Western Chorus frogs, Leopard frogs and American Toads. David Michael and Paul Dickinson have posted recordings from his micing positions further to the North. See Curt Olson's document of the gathering with interviews and additional recordings.

The soundtrack in the QuickTime movie can be heard in quadraphonic sound if your computer is configured with a 4 channel sound card that has four or more speakers connected to it. If you use stereo monitoring, the rear stereo channels will be heard "folded" into the front pair. Only the Left Front, Right Front, Rear Left Surround and Rear Right Surround channels will be use in a 5.1 system.


Click on above Sharptail image for Steve Russel's recording of Sharptail Grouse made with a Sony M-10 recorder placed on the ground where the Grouse were displaying and vocalizing. The photographs are also Steve's.

QuickTime Movie, 128kbps AAC sound, 5 minutes, stereo [6mb]