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Download Quicktime Movie [4mb] .zip for playing with any QuickTime compatible player

Is there an audible difference in "sound" or quality between expensive recorders with highly acclaimed mic preamps and lower-cost recorders with respectable noise performance? Recordists working in surround are especially curious about the quality of the reasonably- priced Tascam model DR680 recorder which provides 6, balanced, mic level inputs with a very respectable measurement of -127dBu (A weighted) EIN. This is what led Emil Klotzsch to conduct an in studo comparison test with a new pair of Audio Technica AT 4022 mics with 8dB(A) self-noise* and 19.9 mV/Pa sensitivity.

Listen for differences in input noise that may be audible "behind" the relatively louder self-noise of the microphones and other distinctions such as tonal balance and frequency range. The movie has a 16/48K uncompressed soundtrack which may be extracted with MPEG Streamclip or any QT compatible audio editing app for further study.

When you have made up your mind which recorder is which, here are the Recorder Indentifications.

*I'm citing a self-noise performance of 8dB(A) for these mics instead of AT's spec of 13 dB(A) on the basis of two side-by-side tests between AT4022 and AT3032 mics-- the later of which Eric Benjamin measured at 8dB(A).













Recorder Indentifications