One Year, One Meadow

Rob Danielson, 2009

95 mb MPG4 QuickTime movie, stereo sound, 17:00

All of the material in this sound collage was recorded with one pair of microphones, fixed in one position over the course of 14 months. The diverse moods and textures can conjure many landscapes, but, with attentive listening its also possible to detect the dimensionalities of the surrounding landforms, vegetation and animal rituals.

The microphones were mounted in an all weather enclsoure along side a small spring where lowland woods, a grassy meadow and wetland converge. The segments were extracted from from dusk to dawn recordings made by Rob Danielson from January, 2008 to March, 2009 and arranged by Scott Sherk made for a 2009 Giant Ear / New York Society for Acoustic Ecology program entitled, "24 Hours." If you are interested in studying some of the long-term, single location material, contact Rob Danielson with a proposal.

Rob Danielson has been documenting the natural location ambience where he lives near rural La Farge, Wisconsin in stereo and surround since 2001. He is a regular contributor to the NatureRecordists list and co-sponsor of the "Recordists Camp Out," an annual event where recordists gather to document a selected enviroment and share skills.




Minnow Creek Meadow panorama (2.2mb) html download

View Minnow Creek Meadow & Split Oak Mic Positions in a larger map