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Rode NT1-A mics with very low self-noise (6dB[A]) are used to record room ambience with a clock. The signals from the mics are fed into a Sony NH-1 Hi-MD recorder, a Marantz PMD-661 Flash Recorder and an Olympus LS-10. The gain on all three recorders is set at maximum to approximate how the the units would perform in conditions such as recording ambience in quiet locations. An Art Phantom II unit provides phantom powering for the NT1-A's when used with the Sony Hi-MD and Olympus LS-10 recorders. Ten minute recordings were made of each set-up and the quietest passages selected to obtain greater uniformity. The soundtrack in the movie is uncompressed, 16bit/48K. The playback levels of the samples were made by ear with the more saturated HiMD sample as the"OdB" reference. Because of considerable differences in the frequency response or tone between the recorders, the same test is displayed with a sonogram.