DIY Shock-Mounts w/Zeppelins for Rode NT1-A Mics

Allan Haighton's "MK-3" compact ORTF mount with 5" spread. Each mic suspended within light guage 2.5" diameter drain pipe with rubber bands. Small guage lavaliere mic cable is used. This is the backside of the mics.


MK-3's coupling of PVC fo base.

MK-4" design: "[I'm] using soft elastic bands.. twisted one turn each to stiffen them slightly." The mics are angled at 60 degrees, narrower than ORTF

MK-4 "I've tried leaving off these bushes [where the PVC connects to the base] , but...vibrations and movement caused by wind cause the mics to shake and 'bottom out' the diaphragms...This doesn't seem to happen with the bushes fitted."

MK-4 "XLR-5 connector on the bottom of the base so one long mic cable can be run to Art Phantom II and NH900 Hi-MD recorder.

MK-4 "The single cage windscreen is not quite a good as the double-cage version but is more portable. (see below MK-1 below). A stiff breeze will cause wind rumble, but this can easily be managed with a bit of EQ in post."

MK-4 MK-4


MK-1 Allan Haighton's first rig with 7 " spread ORTF design using rubber bands in the stock Rode shockmounts. Allan and others have abandoned trying to modify Rode's supplied shock for use in the field .

HaightonCompletedBaseSmallMK-1 HaightonCompletedFurCoverSmallMK-1 HaightonCoveredCageInPositionSmallMK-1
12" spread ORTF made from 4" thin wall PVC with rubber band suspension by Rob Danielson RD_NT1A_ORTF_Shocks7028 RD_NT1A_ShockThnwlPVC_7031 RD_GutterCoverBasket_7034


Front-Firing NT1-A's in 4" PVC (Quad Pac)

NT-1A/2-A M-S Pair in 6" PVC



John Hartog's Jecklin Disk






Rob Danielson May 2006