Rode NT-4 Pad By-Pass

Allan Haighton of the Hi-MD Forum noticed a -12dB "pad" built into the XL5F ->3.5mm stereo plug cable that came with his recent model Rode NT-4 mic, With help from the micbulders list and eventual confirmation from Rode, we determined it was safe to by-pass the pad to enable the specified 12mV/Pa sensitivity.

You can either remove the entire pcb inside the XLR5 connector (and resolder the cable leads) or the much easier method pictured on the left: Heat and remove the four black rectangular resistors from the pcb and jump the red and clear leads to pins 4 and 2 of the XLR5 respectively. We modified 30 NT-4's this simple way without repercussion. We never found out why or when Rode starting adding this pad. Older units may not have it.

Hear comparison.

-Rob Danielson