University of Wisconsin Milwaukee College of Nursing

Sandra Millon Underwood RN, PhD, FAAN


Over the past twenty-five years I have committed myself to developing strategies/interventions aimed toward improving the access of minority, economically disadvantaged, and medically underserved populations to state-of-the-art cancer prevention and control programs.


My educational background -- a Bachelors Degree in Nursing (Loyola University, Chicago, IL), a Master's Degree in Nursing (Loyola University, Chicago, IL) and a Doctorate in Education and Social Policy (Northwestern University, Evanston, IL) -- helped launch me into an academic forum where I was able to actualize a career of research, teaching, community outreach, and advocacy in which to accomplish this goal.

As a Professor of Nursing at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee I have facilitated the development of courses and coursework that aim to enhance student knowledge in health promotion and maintenance, cancer prevention and control, and the care of culturally diverse, vulnerable, underserved, at-risk, marginalized, and otherwise “special” populations.

I was the Founding Director of the House of Peace Community Nursing Center. In this capacity I developed clinical, educational, and research opportunities for faculty and students within non-traditional high-risk community settings.


In addition, I have spearheaded research initiatives for nurse scientists aimed toward defining and reducing disparities in cancer prevention and control by expanding and strengthening the body of nursing science that addresses cancer prevention and control among at-risk minority population groups.


Selected Publications:


Underwood, S., Powe, B., Canales, M., Meade, C. (2004). Review and critique of the state of the science: Addressing cancer among and between U.S. ethnic/racial minority populations. Annual Review of Nursing Research, 33 (4), 217-264.


Underwood, S., Buseh, A., Canales, M., Powe, B., Dockery, B., Kather, T., Kent, N. (2004). Nursing contributions to the elimination of health disparities among African Americans: Review and critique of a decade of research. Journal of the National Black Nurses Association, 15 (1), 50-64.


Underwood, S., Canales, M., Powe, B., Reifenstein, K., & Swinney, J. (2005). Expanding and Strengthening Research Focused on Breast Cancer in African American Women: Building Upon What is Known. Journal of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, 51 (1), 2-24.


Underwood, S. & Powell, R.L. (2006). Religion and Spirituality: Influence on Health/Risk Behavior and Cancer Screening Behavior of African Americans. Journal of the Association of Black Nursing Faculty, 17 (1), 20-31.


Underwood, S. (2006). Diversity and Health: Responding to the Queries of Inquisitive Minds. Journal of Nursing Education, 45 (7), 281-286


Underwood, S. (2007). Research Institute for Nurse Scientists Responds to the Challenge to Expand and Strengthen Research Focused on Breast Cancer in African American Women. Cancer, 109/2, 396-405.


Underwood, S. (2007). Expanding the evaluation of theories. Models and frameworks relevant to the detection and control of breast cancer in African American women. Journal of the National Black Nurses Association, 18 (1), 51-61.


Selected Honors:


Susan G. Komen Foundation Excellence in Breast Cancer Education Award, September 2005, Dallas, TX.


Susan G. Komen Foundation Concours BMW Excellence in Breast Cancer Research, Education and Outreach Award, September 2005, Milwaukee, WI.


National Black Nurses Association Trailblazer Award, July 2006, Washington, DC.


Loyola University, Damen Alumi Award, July 2006, Chicago, IL.


University of Wisconsin Milwaukee College of Nursing, Outstanding Achievement in Research Award, November 2006, Milwaukee, WI.


Black Women’s Network Research Excellence Award, February 2007, Milwaukee, WI.


Froedtert Hospital and the National Black Nurse’s Association Research Excellence Award, 2007, Milwaukee, WI



I plan to use this web site to provide readers an overview of many of my ongoing (and upcoming) teaching, research, community education, outreach, and training projects.


For a more detailed information about my professional activities you may contact me by email or  phone.


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