While all of us in the Raicu Lab are deeply involved in cutting-edge fundamental research in biophysics and photonics research, we also also proud of our long-standing partnerships with local and global businesses.

The Raicu group is a co-founder of a technology spin-off: Aurora Spectral Technologies (AST), LLC. AST develops and markets state-of-the-art micro-spectroscopy imaging systems based on technology developed by Raicu Lab during the past 9 years. A unique combination of spatial and spectral resolution, high sensitivity in regards to photon detection & collection, coupled with fast scanning capabilities makes their OptiMiS™ Truline system one of the best two-photon microscopes on the market.

Wih initial support from the National Science Foundation, we have established the UWM Small Businesses Collaboratory, which brings together academic researchers and corporate partners to stimulate innovation related to the development and applications of optical micro-spectroscopy technology.