Curriculum Vitae

Andrea C. Westlund

Department of Philosophy

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

P. O. Box 413

Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413

(414) 229 – 4395,

Areas of Specialization

Ethics, Moral Psychology, Feminist Philosophy

Areas of Competence

Philosophy of Action, Social and Political Philosophy


1995-2001  Ph.D. University of Michigan (Philosophy)

1994-1995  M.A. Queen’s University (Philosophy)

1990-1994  B.A. University of Winnipeg (Honours, Philosophy and Economics)


2012-2013  Distinguished Visiting Associate Professor at Northwestern University, Brady Program in Ethics and Civic Life

2011-          Associate Professor of Philosophy & Women’s Studies, UW-Milwaukee

2003- 2011 Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Women’s Studies, UW-Milwaukee

2001-2003  Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh

1995-2000  Graduate Student Teaching Assistant, seven terms, University of Michigan
1994-1995  Teaching Assistant, Queen’s University


Journal Articles

“Deference as a Normative Power,” forthcoming in Philosophical Studies.

Autonomy in Relation,” in Out from the Shadows: Analytical Feminist Contributions to Traditional
, eds. Anita Superson and Sharon Crasnow. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.

Autonomy, Authority, and Answerability,” Jurisprudence. 2:1 (2011) 161-179.

Anger, Faith, and Forgiveness,” The Monist 92:4 (2009) 507-536.

Deciding Together,” Philosophers’ Imprint. 9:10 (2009) 1-17.

Rethinking Relational Autonomy,” Hypatia 24:4 (2009) 26-49.

The Reunion of Marriage,” The Monist 91:3&4 (2008) 558-577.

Selflessness and Responsibility for Self:  Is Deference Compatible With Autonomy?”
            Philosophical Review
112:4 (2003) 483-523.

Pre-Modern and Modern Power:  Foucault and the Case of Domestic Violence,”
24: 4 (Summer 1999)  1045-1066.

Symposia and Other Short Pieces

“Narrative Necessity and the Fixity of Meaning in a Life,” Narrative Inquiry 21:2

            (December 2011) 391-398.


Reply to Commentators, Winter 2011 Symposium: Mackenzie, Poltera and Westlund on Autonomy.
            Symposia on Race, Gender and Philosophy.

Book Reviews

Peggy DesAutels & Rebecca Whisnant, eds., Global Feminist Ethics. Lanham, MD:
            Rowman & Littlefield, 2008; Barbara S. Andrew, Jean Clare Keller, & Lisa H.
            Schwartzmann, eds., Feminist Interventions In Ethics and Politics. Lanham, MD:
            Rowman & Littlefield, 2005; and Virginia Held, The Ethics of Care: Personal, Political,
            and Global
. New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 2006-2007.  Feminist Collections: A
            Quarterly of Women’s Studies Resources
30:4 (2009) 6-10

Kim Atkins, Narrative Identity and Moral Identity: A Practical Perspective/Kim Atkins and
            Catriona Mackenzie (eds.), Practical Identity and Narrative Agency.  Notre Dame
            Philosophical Reviews.  April (2009)

David Boonin, A Defense of Abortion. Journal of Moral Philosophy 1:3 (2004) 378-82

Professional Presentations

Invited Talks

“Autonomy and Self-Care”

       Workshop on Relational Autonomy, McGill University. September 2012.

“Autonomy and Narrative Necessity”

Workshop on Autonomy, UC-Davis. March 2012.

“Deference as a Normative Power”

Loyola University, November 2011.

The Morality of Forgiveness”

Coe College, October 2010.

Autonomy in Relation”

University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 2010, University of Washington, February 2010,
and Marquette University, April 2009.

Anger, Faith, and Forgiveness”

Joint Colloquium Series (NIH, Georgetown University, George Washington University, University of Maryland Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy), March 3, 2009.

Rethinking Relational Autonomy”

Cornell University Workshop in Ethics and Political Theory, November 2007, and
Northwestern University Colloquium, October 2007.

Love and Shared Identity”

Keynote Address, Texas Tech Graduate Conference on Love, April 2007.

Invitation to speak at the Wake Forest University Hester Seminar on “Agency and Action”,
            September 2006 (declined due to family leave).

Joint Deliberation and the Sharing of Reasons”

Stanford University, Social Ethics and Normative Theory Workshop, February 2006.

Authority and Deference in Joint Deliberation”

Conference on Moral Psychology, Franklin and Marshall College, April 2003.

Love and the Sharing of Ends”

Cornell University Colloquium, November 2002, and
University of California San Diego, January 2003.

Fusion and Reciprocity in Love,” Amherst College, May 2002.

Care and Autonomy in Personal Relationships,” Washington & Jefferson College, March 2002.

Fusion in Friendship and Love: Toward a Plural-Subject Account of the Sharing of Ends”

            Barnard College, Claremont McKenna College, Oberlin College, University of California
            Santa Cruz, University of Cincinnati, University of Pennsylvania, University of
            Pittsburgh, University of Southern California, University of Washington, Jan.–Feb. 2001

Refereed Talks

Rethinking Relational Autonomy”

Annual meeting of the Society for Analytic Feminism, April 2008.
Annual meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Central Division, April 2007.

Anger, Faith, and Forgiveness”

Society for Ethics and Political Philosophy, Northwestern University, May 2008.
Annual meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Central Division, April 2006.

Joint Deliberation and the Sharing of Reasons”

            Special Conference on Values: “Values, Rational Choice, and the Will”, University of
            Wisconsin-Stevens Point, April 2004.

Selflessness and Responsibility for Self: Is Deference Compatible With Agency?”

Early drafts presented at the annual meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, April 2001, and at the annual meeting of the Canadian Philosophical Association (CPA) May 2000.

Pre-Modern and Modern Power: Foucault and the Case of Domestic Violence,”

            Early drafts presented at the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy (CSWIP)
            Annual Conference, September 1997, and at the annual meeting of the CPA, June 1997.

“Feminism and Pragmatism:  The Uneasy Alliance”
            Presented at the CSWIP Annual Conference, October 1996.


Comments on Elizabeth Camp, “Selves Without Narrative”  Second Annual Yale-Penn Works-in-Progress Workshop: Narrative and the Construction of the Self.  University of Pennsylvania, March 2008.

Comments on Macalester Bell’s paper “Reconsidering Repentence as a Reason to Forgive,”

            Annual meeting of the APA, Central Division, April 2005.

Comments on Ann Cudd’s paper “The Paradox of Liberal Feminism: Preference, Rationality,
            and Oppression.” University of Michigan Spring Philosophy Colloquium, April 2000.

Comments on Helen Longino’s paper “Gender, Politics and the Theoretical Virtues”

            Philosophy Colloquium at Queen’s University, fall 1995.

Academic Fellowships and Awards

2011 Graduate School Research Award (UW-Milwaukee)

2008    UW-System Fellowship, Institute for the Humanities (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
            Deferred to the 2009-2010 academic year.

2006    Alternate, Center for 21st Century Studies Fellowship (UW-Milwaukee)

2006    Graduate School Research Committee Award (UW-Milwaukee)

2004    Center for 21st Century Studies Fellowship (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

2002    Faculty of Arts and Sciences Type I Faculty Research Grant (University of Pittsburgh)

2000    Charlotte Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (nation-wide competition)

1999    Rackham Pre-Doctoral Fellowship (University of Michigan)

1998    Mary Malcomson Raphael Fellowship (Center for the Education of Women, University
            of Michigan)

1998    Mellon Candidacy Fellowship (University of Michigan, Department of Philosophy)

1997    Weinberg Fellowship in Philosophy (University of Michigan, Department of Philosophy)

1995    Social Science and Humanities Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship

            (tenable at the University of Michigan for four years, Canada-wide competition)

1995    Jean Royce Fellowship (Queen’s University, university-wide competition)

1994    Andrew K. Halkett Fellowship (Queen’s University, M.A. entrance fellowship)

1994    Queen’s Graduate Award (Queen’s University, M.A. entrance award)

1994    Dean’s Award (Queen’s University, M.A. entrance award)

Teaching Experience


Advised seven M.A. theses and co-advised one M.A. exam student (UWM, 2003-2010)

Sat on thirteen additional M.A. thesis committees, including one in Political Science (UWM, 2003-2010)

Outside reader for PhD dissertation in English, Creative Writing Program (UWM, 2008)

Outside reader for comprehensive exams, PhD in Nursing (UWM, 2007)

Outside reader for PhD dissertation in Political Science (UWM, 2007)

Outside examiner for Philosophy Honors Thesis (University of Pittsburgh, 2007)

Courses Taught at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Philosophical Aspects of Feminism (Philos 235); Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy (Philos 242); Modern Ethical Theories (Philos 341); Philosophical Topics in Feminist Theory, under three different subtitles (Philos 535); Seminar on Virtue Ethics (Philos 941); Seminar on Autonomy (Philos 941); Seminar on Normative Powers (Philos 941); Introduction to Women’s Studies (WMNS 201); Feminist Theory (WMNS 410); Advanced Feminist Theory (WMNS 710); Advanced Independent Studies in Philosophy (Philos 999, Feminism and Multiculturalism; Philos 999, Gender and Social Construction); Advanced Independent Study in Women’s Studies (WMNS 999, Feminism and Bio-Medical Ethics).

Courses Taught at University of Pittsburgh

Concepts of Human Nature (introductory); Social Philosophy (introductory); Feminist Philosophy (upper division); Topics in Political Philosophy (upper division); Philosophy of Friendship and Love (upper division); Topics in Moral Psychology (graduate seminar); Ethics (core seminar for graduate students)

Courses Taught at University of Michigan

Instructor:  Philosophy and Gender (upper division)

Teaching Assistant:  Political Philosophy (Peter Railton); Contemporary Moral Problems (Peter Railton); Law and Philosophy (Elizabeth Anderson); Great Books in Philosophy (Nadeem Hussain); Philosophy of Law (Vince Wellman)

Referee Experience


Episteme, Ethics, Hypatia, Journal of Moral Philosophy, Social Theory and Practice, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Philosopher’s Imprint, Philosophical Papers, Philosophical Review, Philosophical Studies, Southern Journal of Philosophy


Society for Analytical Feminism (2012), Canadian Philosophical Association (2010), Western Canadian Philosophical Association (2008), Central States Philosophical Association (2006)

Professional Service

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Graduate Advisor, Department of Philosophy; Spring 2010

Personnel Committee, Department of Philosophy; 2008-2009

Recruitment Committee, Department of Philosophy; 2007-2008

Graduate Admissions Committee, Department of Philosophy; 2006-2007

Curriculum Committee, Center for Women’s Studies, 2006-07; 2007-08 (Chair); 2008-09

Recruitment Committee, Center for Women’s Studies; Fall 2006

Undergraduate Review Program Committee, Department of Philosophy; Spring 2006

Curriculum Committee, Department of Philosophy; Spring 2006

Awards Committee, Department of Philosophy; 2005-2006

Research Programming Committee, Center for Women’s Studies, 2005-2006

Women’s Studies Steering Council, 2004-present

University of Wisconsin System

Chair of Advisory Panel to the UW System Women’s Studies Librarian, 2012-present

Advisory Panel to the UW System Women’s Studies Librarian, 2004-present

Participant, UW-System Women’s Studies Retreat, spring 2004

University of Pittsburgh

Graduate Admissions Committee, University of Pittsburgh, 2002 and 2003.

Graduate Studies Committee, University of Pittsburgh, 2003.

Tamara Horowitz Graduate Paper Prize Committee, University of Pittsburgh, 2002

Undergraduate Philosophy Club Advisor, University of Pittsburgh, 2001 – 2003

Service to the Profession

Program Committee Member,  Central Division Meetings of the American Philosophical Society (2011-2012)

Workshops, Conferences, Working Groups

Co-organizer, CIPD-sponsored Learning Community on Ethics in the Professions (2009-2010)

Participant, CIE-sponsored Working Group on Ethics (2009-2010)

Co-organizer, In/Dependence (UWM Center for 21st Century Studies Symposium), April 2006

Co-Coordinator, Feminist Theory Workshop (UWM Center for 21st Century Studies), 2005-06

Co-Coordinator, Discussion Group on Feminism and Spirituality (UWM), 2005-2006

Other Activities

Interview with Tom Luljak, UWM Today:  “Personal Relationships,” WUWM Public Radio,
            May 18th
2006.  Archived at

Commentary in exhibit catalogue for “Domestic Tensions: Axes of Longing”.  The Milwaukee
            Gay Arts Center, January 18-February 28, 2008.  Curated by Carrie Hoelzer.