A few links for Wisconsin geology, water and soil

  1. http://www.uwex.edu/wgnhs/ This is the web site for the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey. It can give you publication material and li nks to other earth science sites.
  2. http://www.wi.nrcs.usda.gov/soil/soil.htm Soils in Wisconsin, general soil maps etc.
  3. http://www.coastwatch.msu.edu Detailed information about the Great Lakes, water temperature etc.
  4. http://www.geology.wisc.edu/~maher/air/air00.htm. Geology from the air. Many views of parts of the U.S. from a small plane. Tours 11 and 14 are most appropriate for Wisconsin.
  5. http://www4.uwm.edu/letsci/geosciences/trip. Building tour of downtown Milwaukee.