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I became a faculty in Health Care Informatics Program in the College of Health Sciences at University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee since 2003. My previous research projects at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill involved database, computer-based medical education, ROC evaluation methods, medical standard (DICOM), medical image processing and human-computer interaction (HCI).

What new?

Feb. 2004

Two posters were accepted to AMIA MedInfo Meeting (Sept. 04, San Francisco, CA).

Dec. 2003

A book chapter was published, which is "Overview of Medical Informatics", In: Liu, GK. (Ed.). "On the Frontiers of Science". 169-182. Beijing (P.R. China): Tsinghua University Press and Interpress. (v1: Life Science)

Dec. 2003

Awarded UWM graduate school research committee award ($15,000).  

Dec. 2003

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Dec. 2003

My dissertation project will be commercialized to a product by a NC company.   

Research Interests

My primary research interests are to identify unmet medical needs and implement technologies in their solutions. Current research interests include health database applications (medical images and video), CIS (CMR, SOAP, POMR), dental informatics, HIPAA, ROC analysis in computer-based medical education and testing, decision-making (Knowledge Server), and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

Current Research Activities/Projects

UWM-Marquette Univ. dental project: To develop a dental imaging achieve for educational program for dental schools.


Project 20/20: To develop a wireless system for vision screening and follow-up eye care for 5000 students annually in 30 urban elementary schools at Milwaukee.


Milwaukee Children Disability Database Project: To create a comprehensive database for developmental disability of children between 0 and 3 at Milwaukee.


Real-time ROC analysis medical application: To apply real-time ROC analysis to more medical applications with multiple test results.


Construct Radiology Test Using IRT: To develop a new method to construct radiology tests using Item Response Theory (IRT).


Accurate Disease Surveillance Using HIPAA Coding and GIS: To develop a new method to accurate survey diseases using HIPAA messages and Geography Information System (GIS).


Dental Identification Project: To develop a new method to identify a person based on his/her dental images.


Microarray Database Project: To explore the Microarray database design and related data mining algorithms.

Recent Publications/Posters

  1. Min Wu , “Data Migration from Relational Database to XML: A Mammography Educational Case Study”, Poster of AMIA MedInfo Meeting (Sep. 2004, San Francisco, CA). (Accepted)
  2. Min Wu, Etta Pisano, “Mammography Test Construct Tool”, Poster of AMIA MedInfo Meeting (Sep. 2004, San Francisco, CA). (Accepted)
  3. Wu, M. (2003) Overview of Medical Informatics, In: Liu, GK. (Ed.). On the Frontiers of Science. 169-182. Beijing (P.R. China): Tsinghua University Press and Interpress. (v1: Life Science)
  4. Min Wu, Yuanshui Zheng, Etta Pisano, "NLM tele-educational system for radiology residents interpreting mammography", Proceedings of AMIA 2002 Annual Symposium.
HIA-337 "Introducation to Health Database and Technology" Fall 2003

Min's Hometown (click once): Jinan, P.R.China

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